Mobile home park mourns man who died in trailer fire


REDDING, Calif., - A Redding man is dead after his RV caught fire overnight. 47-year-old Michael Todd Jones died inside his home around 12:15 a.m. Wednesday morning at the Riverside Mobile Home Park on North Market Street. Redding Fire officials said Jones was found dead at the scene.

Neighbors who live in that area said Michael was their angel. Abbigale Jarmuseh lived next door to Michael and said she saw the trailer burn.

"My dog woke me up and I saw this big orange thing outside and I looked and there was his trailer on fire and I ran to my mom and told her," Abbigale said.

Her brother, Lucas, said people immediately started banging on Michael's door.

"They were trying to get the door open once they got it open Mike was already gone and he was found in his bedroom," Abbigale said.

"I thought he was gonna die and he did," said Lucas.

The Riverside Mobile Home community said that Mike, as they called him, was known for his giving heart . Abbigale said every Tuesday, Mike would buy them McDonalds and even bought a bike for her brother and her.

"Just makes me wanna cry, he also gave me little pep talks and tell me stuff like he loves me," Lucas said.

"It's just sad to have someone who took care of you for a long time pass away,"said Abbigale.

Jones' official cause of death is still under investigation but Redding fire said the blaze was ignited by a gas stove that was left on and unattended.

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