Mother of mummified baby:‘I didn't name her'


REDDING, Calif. - Prosecutors in the Jessica Bradford mummified-baby murder trial played an interview tape to jurors Wednesday during the second day of trial.

Bradford is accused of not caring for her baby, which lead to her starving to death.

The defendant was arrested in November of 2011 at the Julian Youth Academy in Whitmore, after a mummified baby was found hidden in a blanket and kept in a laundry basket.

Bradford told investigators she had the baby in September that year, under a deck at the school, and didn't tell anyone.

Bradford later admitted she hid the baby throughout the school campus and in her car for four days before the baby died.

The baby was uncovered 48 days after Bradford gave birth.

Those in the courtroom Wednesday learned new details heard on her interrogation tape.

Bradford spoke about being adopted herself.

Adoption was something Bradford had looked into when she first learned she was pregnant. Bradford said on the video after she first felt the baby kick, she began Googling "adoption and safe surrender sites."

Bradford went on to say after she gave birth she even started making the drive to Chico, to give the baby over to a surrender site, but she kept looking down at the baby thinking, "I can't give her away."

Three separate times during the interrogation, a Shasta County detective asked what the baby's name was. Bradford replied "I didn't name her" and "I don't know."

The decision to name the baby Lilly happened after the interrogation interview, which was nearly two months since the birth and death of the child.

The baby was finally given a name because the detective told Bradford she'd need to provide a name to the coroner.

When the detectives questioned Bradford as to why she didn't tell anyone about being pregnant or seek help, Bradford said, "I didn't know what to do. I was scared."

Bradford also said she kept the pregnancy a secret because she "didn't want to disappoint anyone, my family and boss and stuff."

She went on to say her religion played a part in her not wanting anyone to know she was pregnant, "I grew up in a Christian home, don't have sex until you're married."

Bradford then walked the detectives through how she managed to give birth on campus, underneath a deck, and keep it quiet.

She stated that after having contractions on September 19, 2011 she went where no one would see or hear her and, "stood up and she dropped out."

Bradford admitted to detectives she then spent the night in her car with her baby and "held her because I was so devastated."

The baby's father, Bradford's boyfriend, Jovan Castillo also took the stand Wednesday. He testified he thought his girlfriend was on birth control, and that she had even, "showed me a packet of pills."

When asked if he ever knew Bradford was pregnant, Castillo said he, "had noticed she gained weight" but the thought of her actually being pregnant - for the second time - "never crossed my mind."

The baby's father also told the jury that if he had known about his girlfriend being pregnant and giving birth, he would have kept and cared for the baby girl.

The murder trial is set to continue Thursday at the Shasta County Courthouse.