Multiple fires burn thousands of acres in Northern California


Multiple fires burning in Northern California have burned thousands of acres and have displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

We are currently monitoring the following fires:

Cherokee Fire (Butte County) Honey Fire (Butte County) La Porte Fire (Butte County) Cascade Fire (Yuba County) Lobo Fire (Nevada County) McCourtney Fire (Nevada County) Mendocino Lake Complex (Mendocino County) Tubbs Fire (Napa County) Patrick Fire (Napa County) Atlas Fire (Napa County/Solano County) Pocket Fire (Sonoma County) 37 Fire (Sonoma County) Nuns Fire (Sonoma County) Ridge Fire (Lake County) Point Fire (Calveras County)

As of Friday morning, the Cherokee Fire, burning north of Oroville, has burned 8,417 acres and is 70 percent contained. The La Porte Fire, burning in the Bangor area, has burned 6,139 acres and is 45 percent contained. The Honey Fire, burning near Paradise, is 150 acres and 75 percent contained.

According to Butte County officials, the La Porte Fire destroyed 37 homes, four commercial buildings, and 45 outbuildings. The Cherokee Fire destroyed four homes and five outbuildings.

Evacuation orders for Cherokee Road, part of the Cherokee Fire, have been downgraded to an evacuation warning. All other evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted.

Evacuation orders for the La Porte Fire remain in place for La Porte Road from Darby Road to Grimy Gulch Road and all tributaries, Los Verjeles Road from La Port Road to the Butte County Line, and Oro Bangor Highway from Bangor Park Road to La Porte Road.

Evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings for La Porte Road from Pleasant Grove Lane to Grimy Gulch Road. People will be able to now access the Pleasant Grove/Grimy Gulch area.

Evacuation warnings have been lifted for Cox Lane south to the Butte County Line, including Honcut.

La Porte Road at Darby Lane, La Porte Road at Grimy Gulch Road, and Oro Bangor Highway at Bangor Park Road all remain closed.

Officials said Thursday morning that the significant growth of the fire is a reflection of better mapping, not an increase in fire activity.

For The Honey Fire, burning near Paradise, all evacuation warnings and orders have been lifted.

Honey Run remains closed at Honey View Terrace.

Both lanes of the Skyway are now open.

The Wind Complex now consists of the Cascade Fire, the Lobo Fire, the La Porte Fire, and the McCourtney Fire. As of Thursday morning, the Cascade Fire is 10,171 acres and is 45 percent contained, the Lobo Fire is 829 acres and is 52 percent contained, and the McCourtney Fire is 76 acres and is 89 percent contained.

The Mendocino Lake Complex now consists of the Redwood Fire, Potter Fire, and the Sulphur Fire.

The Redwood Fire and the Potter Fire have burned 34,000 acres and is 10 percent contained. The Sulphur Fire has burned 2,500 acres and is 55 percent contained.

The Central LNU Complex now consists of the Tubbs Fire, the Nuns Fire, and the Pocket Fire.

The Tubbs Fire has burned 34,770 acres and is 25 percent contained. The Nuns Fire has burned 14,698 acres and is 3 percent contained. The Pocket Fire has burned 9,996 acres and is 5 percent contained.

The Southern LNU Complex now consists of the Atlas Fire, the Partrick Fire, the Pressley Fire, the Norrbom Fire, and the Adobe Fire.

The Atlas Fire has burned 48,228 acres and is 27 percent contained. The Partrick Fire has burned 12,379 acres and is 18 percent contained. The Pressley Fire has burned 473 acres and is 10 percent contained. The Norrbom Fire has burned 4,331 acres and is 1 percent contained. The Adobe Fire has burned 9,004 acres and is 1 percent contained.

The Point Fire has burned 130 acres and is 100 percent contained.

The 37 Fire has burned 1,660 acres and is 90 percent contained.

The Ridge Fire burned 87 acres and is 100 percent contained.

To see the most up-to-date information on any of these fires, click here.

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