NAACP and EPD working together to build a stronger relationship


EUREKA, Calif. - Liz Smith, the current CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods and soon to be CEO of the Eureka NAACP chapter, talked to Eureka Police officers about the future on Tuesday.

Smith said she was approached by Chief of Police, Andrew Mills, to guide his officers on ways to help bridge relations, not only between the police and the black community but all communities.

Smith said sitting down and having a conversation with law enforcement can go a long way when they patrol the streets.

"What can we do, so we can help all people engage in a high level and in often times having discussions about what that looks like," said Smith.

Smith said this is just one of many conversations she will have with police.

Smith said on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16 th to show solidarity, the NAACP will be marching alongside the community and EPD through the City of Eureka.

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