Nearly $4 million granted to encourage low income people to eat healthier


CHICO, Calif. - The California Department of Agriculture was granted nearly $4 million dollars to help expand a program that helps people with lower incomes eat healthier.

The program is the California Nutrition Incentive program (CNIP) and it rewards recipients of CALFresh food stamps whenever they buy fruits and vegetables grown in the state, like at farmer's markets.

The incentive aims to help Californian's with lower income overcome the healthy food gap. For every CALFresh dollar a recipient spends, they get an additional dollar to spend on more fruits and vegetables in the market.

Not all farmer's markets are participating in the CNIP program, but Chico's farmer's market does. The grant hopes to expand the program by increasing the participation of other farmer's markets.

The farmers at the Chico Farmer's market think the expansion of the program is a great idea.

"The economically challenged do not eat as well," said Rob Montgomery, owner of Montgomery Farms. "It gets them out to eat better food."

Shoppers at the market also had a positive response to the expansion of the program.

"They are actually going to be feeding their body in such a way that they are going to be eating healthier," said Sean O'Donell "The offset can be a lower medical bill."

Learn more about CNIP here: Link

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