New Charges for Man Accused of Double Stabbing in West Redding


REDDING, Calif. - The man accused of murdering his aunt and severely wounding his uncle will soon be facing more charges.

30 year old Cody Nash of Portland pleaded not guilty last month to murder and attempted murder charges.

After a court appearance Thursday afternoon, Prosecutors told us that they will be filing aggravated mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, and inflicting great bodily injury charges.

Nash's attorney, Mike Horan, told us they waived Nash's preliminary hearing because right now, they're focusing on his mental health. He said they are working to find out why he came to Redding and what exactly happened the morning of the attack.

"This case is not a 'who done it.' This case is about why someone with no criminal record, no diagnosed mental health history comes to Redding at the age of 30 and then this tragedy happens," Horan told us.

He said it's obvious that Nash has complicated mental health issues. He said they're looking into the extent of them and are trying to get them diagnosed.

Investigators say Nash admitted to stabbing his aunt and uncle with a knife as a way to get up the guts to kill himself.

68 year old Bob Watson was stabbed several times in his home on Boston Avenue on June 8th. His wife, 66 year old Candace Watson, was found dead in their garage.

Nash is scheduled to be back in court August 9th.Shasta County