Nursing building under construction at Simpson University


REDDING, Calif. - Simpson University, a Christian college in Redding, is building a new nursing and sciences building.

Members of the Simpson Community Advisory Committee toured the new facility Tuesday, just one month before the $7 million, 30,000 square-foot building should be finished.

The facility will house around 150 pre-nursing and nursing students.

Simpson University Interim President Dr. Robin Dummer said that although they do have room to grow, all student vacancies should be filled this fall.

"Between biology and nursing this year, one third of our applicants were for the two programs, so the interest is very high," Dummer said. "We're looking to start another cohort, the Board of Registered Nursing giving us 30 additional students a year into the nursing program."

Dr. Betty Dean is the Chairwoman of the Simpson Board of Trustees. She said she and the rest of the board are excited to watch the two story building rise on campus.

"It obviously means that the nursing program [and] the science program is healthy," Dean said. "And [the programs] are ready to advance and prepare for the future in ways that we simply have not been able to do in the past."

Many prayers have been said over the building and the nursing program.

The dry winter has also lead to a flawless construction schedule.

"The weather cooperated in a negative way, I suppose," Dummer said. "The fact that we didn't get rain didn't slow us down at all, so we kept on target. So we are very grateful."

The nursing and sciences building should be ready for the fall semester; the dedication ceremony is set for October 3rd.

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