On the ballot in Humboldt County


EUREKA, Calif. - Although it is an "off-election" year, there are four measures that will be voted on in Humboldt County on Nov. 7.

The City of Rio Dell is giving voters the option to decide on a municipal ordinance to tax cannabis businesses. The proposed ordinance is Measure X, and it reads, "Every person engaged in business involving Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Activity in the City shall pay a business tax."

The rates that would apply are $2 per square foot or 2 percent of gross receipts as an initial permit tax. In addition, businesses would be taxed $5 per square foot or 10 percent of gross receipts, per person engaged in the business.

Over in Blue Lake, officials are putting Measure Y, a special property tax, onto the ballot. The ordinance would increase taxes to provide funding to the Blue Lake Fire Protection District. The proposed special tax would be applied as follows:

A. Vacant/ unimproved: $75 per year

B. Single-Family Residential: $125 per year

C. Rural Residential/ Improved: $175 per year

D. Multi-Family Residential (2-4 units): $250 per year

E. Multi-Family Residential (5+ units): $300 per year

F. Commercial: $300 per year

G. Industrial: $400 per year

Measure B will also be on the ballot and may affect Shelter Cove. This ordinance would add an additional property tax to go toward the Shelter Cove Fire Department.

There is a current flat tax of $25 for both residential to commercial properties. Officials want to tack additional taxes to that rate.

A. Residential Dwelling: $100 per fiscal year

B. Commercial Residential: $225 per fiscal year

C. Commercial Building: $225 per fiscal year

D. Vacant Residential: $74 per fiscal year

E. Vacant Commercial: $74 per fiscal year

And the final item up for vote is Measure Z in Samoa. People can vote to consolidate the Samoa Peninsula Fire Protection District into the Peninsula Community Services District. The agency would oversee services such as water, park and trails, and emergency responses.

Find the list of measures here.

Also, it is not too late to register to vote. Consolidated District Elections or same day voting can be done at the county's office of Elections. Follow this link to learn more about same-day voting and to find your polling place.

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