Orland firefighters and police plunge for charity


ORLAND, Calif. - The City of Orland's Police Department and volunteer firefighters engaged in a friendly rivalry Monday to raise money for the families of officers and firefighters who've passed away.

They challenge each other and friends to dive into freezing cold water. If someone agrees to take the plunge he or she has to donate $10 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation or the National Fallen Police Officers Foundation. If they decline to take the plunge, they're asked to donate $100. Besides helping two very good causes, the water plunge challenge helps these public servants get past the terrible memories of the I-5 bus crash that took the lives of 10 young people. "This challenge has kind of brought us together even closer, especially after that major accident on the freeway," said Orland Police Chief J.C. Tolle. "We can sit back and laugh."

"And I think it actually brought us all closer."

The Orland Fire Deptartment has also challenged actor Denis Leary, who plays a firefighter in Rescue Me to take the plunge as a way to drum up support. Thus far Leary hasn't responded to the challenge.

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