Orland "miracle" boy lives dream in Fourth parade


ORLAND, Calif. - Six-year-old Noah Ross, donned in police blues, rode in the Orland Fourth of July parade Friday, which to his family is a miracle in itself.

Six months ago during a family bike ride Noah suffered a brain bleed, which doctors considered a stroke.

"I saw his eyes roll to the back of his head and I saw him go down." said Jessica Ross, Noah's mother. "But I caught him just before he went down." At the time doctors said Noah prognosis was bleak. "The doctor said your son is very sick," remembered Ms. Ross. The doctor told Noah's parents that he might not survive the next 24 hours.

But Noah survived. His mother said her boy prayed constantly to be cured. Then one day, Noah got better. "And the first thing he said to us was, 'I told you God was going to take care of me,'" said Ms. Ross.

While in the hospital, Noah told the staff that he hoped to become a police officer some day, which is why the Orland Police Dept. decked him in a full uniform that included a badge, handcuffs and a name plate. He waved to the crowd and tossed candy as an officer drove him through the parade rout.

"It's been a big miracle for us," said Jessica Ross.