Pain management doctor pleads guilty in court

Dr. James Gregory White

REDDING, Calif. - Redding pain management doctor, James Gregory White has been sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation for failing to maintain adequate records.

Dr. White pleaded guilty to the charge in court Tuesday; felony charges of excessive prescribing of drugs were dropped in the plea deal.

Deputy District Attorney Tom Toller said because of AB109, the felony charges would not have resulted in jail time for Dr. White anyway, however, the plea deal did clear the way for the State Medical Board to proceed with its case.

Dr. White's medical license has been suspended since his office on South Street in Redding was raided in August of 2013, and now the medical board has the power to permanently revoke it.

Dr. White had been charged with prescribing drugs that contributed to the death of at least nine of his patients.

He claimed he was innocent, and still maintains his innocence.

His defense attorney Michael Borges said Dr. White is pleased with the outcome, and hopes to get his case resolved with the state medical board as soon as possible.

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