Penalties suspended for water customers


BELLA VISTA, Calif. - It is a big break in Bella Vista for water customers who will get a kick-back on their penalties.

The resolution was announced at Monday's Bella Vista Water District special meeting in the crowded board room. In place were three tiers of excessive use fines. The district's general manager said the board decided to roll back penalties in consideration for those bigger fees.

"The intent is not to get revenue here. It's not a cash-grab. We function as a co-op, and so essentially we function for the benefit of the district and its customers," said Bella Vista Water District General Manager David Coxey. "With that outcry we certainly needed to do something."

Those 2 nd and 3 rd tier penalties are being temporarily suspended. Coxey said the district will give customers a credit on their bills. He said tier 1 is in effect for billings up to July 1, but that is usage for the prior 60-days – thus May 1.

"I think that was the easiest thing to do for us. It still creates an awful lot of work for staff but hopefully gets us on the right track," Coxey said.

2 nd and 3 rd penalty tiers still apply for any excess usage after May 1, according to district board members.