PG&E cuts water usage due to drought


CHICO, Calif. - PG&E is doing its part to conserve water during our near-record drought.

The utility company has decided to leave all of the water in Butte Creek alone this summer to protect Chinook salmon that swim there. PG&E said they usually divert the water into the Centerville Canal to release it downstream to cool down the water and spread out the salmon, but crews have been noticing the salmon have been swimming upstream to get cooler water. So they decided to let Mother Nature run its course.

"It's a drought year," said Paul Moreno, spokesman for PG&E. "There really isn't enough water to run the canal as it is to make it efficient. So we are leaving that water in Butte Creek for the benefit of the salmon."

PG&E used to gather the water to create energy at the Centerville power station but it has been offline for three years now due to a faulty pipe. PG&E crews will also release more water from their power station and reservoirs on the Feather River in case the water gets too low in Butte Creek.