Phone scam hits the Northstate


CHICO, Calif. - A Chico man said someone posing as a law enforcement officer lied to him Tuesday night saying he had warrant for his arrest and trying to collect a huge fine. It's part a nationwide phone scam that has hit the Northstate.

Investigators said eight people in Butte County have reported being targeted with this scam in the last year. The scammers dump their phones after using them briefly making it difficult to bring them to justice.

Mark Mantle called the sheriff's office Wednesday morning after receiving a scary call from someone claiming to be a Butte County Sheriff deputy. Mantle said he was told he will be arrested for skipping jury duty. "The hair on the back of my neck was up," he said. "It was intimidating and very professional." Mantle said the man identified himself as Officer Pete Davis. The scammer told him he owes nearly two thousand dollars in fines. "It was $1,930.16. It was some ridiculous amount," he added. The scammer gave Mantle a number to ask for an Officer Dadick for any assistance. We called the number and it was disconnected Wednesday morning.

Butte County Sherriff, Kory Honea confirmed neither a Officer Pete Davis or Officer Dadick works for the department.

"If you have a warrant for your arrest we will not call you and ask for money," said Honea.

Mantle said the scammers knew quite a bit about him.

"They knew my name the minute I picked up the phone and my address," said Mantle. "So, I don't know how they got this information."

The sheriff's office said if you receive these kinds of phone calls it's best to hang up and call them. Investigators said the scammers sometimes pose as IRS workers as well. Currently, they are working on a search warrant to track the scammers.