Pitcher perfect


CHICO, Calif. - Bailey Fritter -- as in no-hitter.

On Thursday, the Chico High sophomore threw a mercy rule-shortened five inning no-hitter against Orland. In the process, he struck out all 15 batters he faced.

"After about nine strikeouts in a row I went to my coaching staff and said 'Do you realize he's struck out all nine?'" said Chico J.V coach Erik Lema. "By the 14th batter I was pacing because I knew what was about to happen." What happened was 15 batters and 15 strikeouts. Not even Nolan Ryan has come close to that, but The Express isn't Fritter's role model; he's more like Greg Maddux. "Mostly location," said Fritter in describing his pitching philosophy. "I throw to a corner and let the defense work." "I usually think in the first inning, but then it's just pitch and catch (after that)," he said. It's possible the Junior Varsity right-hander can be called up to the Varsity before the end of the season. The unanswered question is how long would Fritter have continued his strikeout run? The game was stopped after five innings because his team led by 10 runs. He'll try to continue the strikeout streak in his next scheduled start on Wednesday.

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