Police: 4-year-old boy bound and beaten by aunt


WILLOWS, Calif. - A Willows woman, who is both the biological aunt and adoptive parent to her 4-year-old nephew, was arrested for tying up and battering the child.

24-year-old Alejandra Vasquez was booked into the Glenn County jail Tuesday on three charges including; felony child endangerment, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon.

Willows Police Chief Jason Dahl said more charges could be filed as the investigation continues.

"It's always disturbing when you're dealing with a small child, especially 4 years old. They can't defend themselves in any way from being hit and battered," said Dahl.

Willows investigators report the boy was tied up with rope and hit with a blunt object on Monday. The incident happened on the 600 block of Edgewood Lane.

Police said later Monday night, after being freed, the boy reported what had happened to an adult, who then contacted Willows Police and child protective services.

"He had obvious signs of bruising, he was sore; he was checked out by medical staff," said Dahl.

Three other children, all girls, were also taken by CPS. Their ages are nine, eight and three months. Vasquez is the biological mother of the baby and one of the older girls. She has legal guardianship of the 4-year-old boy and the other older female child.

"We had all the children checked out, but they appear to be fine," said Dahl. "Traumatic conditions but it could have been worse I guess, especially when you see something where the little one was tied up and battered," explained Dahl.

When asked what may have triggered Vasquez to allegedly do such a thing to the young boy, Dahl had this to say, "She claimed that there was possibly some post-partum depression and things like that involved.

"In the community-wide, if you're having difficulty with children, with your own children, if there's things where you need counseling, need help, contact us - contact CPS, before anything like this happens," pleaded Dahl.

Vasquez's bail has been set at $85,000.

Multiple calls to CPS for background information on Vasquez or a comment on this case were not returned.