UPDATE: Eureka man cited and released for falsely warning of a "massive shooting"


EUREKA, Calif - Bobby Ladd,54, of Eureka was questioned, cited and then released by Eureka Police Officers following the phone call me made from a pay phone today.

During the phone call Ladd has said "There's going to be a massive shooting in this town today, watch out" After officers located Ladd on the 400 block of F street and after questioning him they say he confessed to making the phone call. On his official Twitter page Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills posted a photo of Ladd captioned "He is genuinely sorry" Chief Mills also said that Ladd told him that he "needed help" According to EPD Ladd was given a citation and then released. _____________ UPDATE : The Eureka Police Department said that they have arrested Bobby Ladd, 54, of Eureka in connection with making the call from the pay phone.

Lad has been charged with falsely reporting an emergency. Eureka Police Public Information Officer Brittney Powell tells North Coast News that Ladd confessed to making the call.

_______ On January 5 at 8:57 a.m. the Eureka Police Department (EPD) says they received an anonymous 911 call from a payphone on the 800 block of 4 th Street. The call said "There's going to be a massive shooting in this town today, watch out"

EPD officers are currently investigating the credibility and source of the call. There were no specific targets or locations named in the call. Eureka law enforcement says they're taking the threat very seriously and are making necessary notifications as a precautionary measure.

Investigators are asking anyone who recognizes the voice on the call to inform police.