Police Chase Suspect Accuses Officers Of Leaving Her Wounded Boyfriend To Die

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A Chico woman is speaking out from behind bars, after her boyfriend was shot and killed by Sacramento Police.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with KXTV in Sacramento, Leslie McCulley, 28 of Chico, defended her late boyfriend. Lucus Webb, 33 of Chico was killed by officers Friday after allegedly stealing a car, running from police and shooting a police dog.

McCulley was with Webb during Friday's chase and shootout. Police say McCulley and Webb stole the car in Chico, then led police on a chase after being pulled over in Sacramento Friday afternoon.

The pair left the car and tried to escape on foot. Webb shot and wounded a police K-9 Bodie. The dog's handler then shot and killed Webb. McCulley claims officers focused their attention on their wounded police K-9 Bodie, leaving Webb to die.

"We were in the wrong, obviously in the wrong," said McClulley. "But they are just as wrong, a human being is dead."

This is not the first time McCulley has been accused of assault against a police officer.

In July 2010 McCulley was convicted of being an accessory to a crime and sentenced to a year in the Butte County Jail. She was also charged with assault on a peace officer, which was dismissed. Last year she was charged with robbery and home invasion, those charges were also dropped. Earlier this month she was in Butte County court on a drug charge. She was sentenced to probation and treatment.

Lucus Webb had a warrant for his arrest at the time of the shooting. Records show he had failed to show up for a court appearance in April. He had been previously convicted of robbery, burglary, assault and unlawful possession of a knife.

The police K-9 Bodie suffered serious injuries to his tongue and jaw and he faces a series of surgeries.

Sacramento Kings owner Joe Maloof has offered his help. Maloof sent out a tweet volunteering to pay for a new K-9 officer for the Sacramento Police Department so Bodie can retire.