Police chief presents plan for more officers


CHICO, Calif. - Adding more officers to the Chico Police Department is one of the hot topics for this year's Chico budget meeting held Tuesday.

Chico Police said in the last year they have teamed up with the Clean and Safe Chico Movement to help raise funds to get more cops on the streets.

Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle presented that plan to the city council Tuesday morning. Trostle said in the last six years the police department has been cut left and right from officers to funding. The police department is looking to get 56 officers on patrol in total, adding nine detectives, and keeping four in the gang unit. Trostle said if approved by the council it will be the start of rebuilding the Police Department.

"The community is feeling the effects of the lack of law enforcement," said Trostle. "So as a result of that, they have encouraged and made it a priority for police protection in the community."

Trostle said they are looking into getting new technology as well, particularly a closed circuit television. He said they are similar to the ones to identified the Boston Marathon bombers. Trostle explained he would use these pieces of equipment to watch over heavy crime areas. The council has passed the intention unanimously for the police officers to go forth with the budget proposal.