Police: Shooting over drug theft dispute


REDDING, Calif. - Redding Police said Thursday's shooting happened over a dispute stemming from a drug theft.

Multiple shots were fired in the 1200 block of C Street around 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Officers detained three subjects – one at a home on C Street, one at an apartment complex on Layton Road and a third on Ricardo Avenue.

New information from a Redding Police investigation revealed a ‘long simmering dispute' over marijuana theft. It resulted in an alleged gun fight between Peter DeJesus, 28, of Anderson and Christopher Tomas, 28, of Redding.

Police said the two men got into an argument in the middle of the street. Officers said DeJesus pulled out a handgun and fired at Tomas who then tried to return fire. He was allegedly unable to because of a weapon malfunction.

DeJesus fled the scene in a vehicle. Tomas ran away and hid inside a Layton Road apartment complex. He was detained with help from the K-9 unit.

Redding Police Sergeant Walt Bullington said two handguns were found Thursday. He said there were no reports of gunshot wounds.

Both suspects are not legally allowed to possess firearms, and were booked into the Shasta County Jail on various gun charges. DeJesus was also arrested on charges of felony assault with a firearm.

A third man involved is not being identified. He was allegedly in possession of an airsoft gun and was present at the time of the dispute. Officers say he was questioned as a witness and released.

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