Police: Stray bullet hit a second car in Tuesday shooting


REDDING, Calif. - Redding police released new information in the shooting incident on Cypress Avenue. Jessica Newman was shot around 1 a.m. Tuesday by someone standing on the corner of Cypress and Churn Creek Road. Newman was in a car with three other people. Around that same time, a second car belonging to 22-year-old Nolan Barnhart was also hit.

Redding police said the incident started when someone in the car that Jessica Newman was riding in threw a milkshake out the window. Redding police said the milkshake could have possibly been directed at the suspect who then fired a gun at the passing car.

Newman was struck by a bullet and has since been through surgery to remove the .40 caliber round. Another car was hit by a stray bullet. 22-year-old Nolan Barnhart told police he heard a loud noise as he passed by the intersection that night and after watching the news noticed a bullet hole in his car and called police.

We asked Redding police if they consider the Cypress area dangerous. Lieutenant Jeff Wallace of the Redding Police Department said they have extra patrols in the area and are working hard to find the suspect.

"I would say in general the city of Redding is a pretty safe city," said Lt. Wallace. "This person obviously causes concern because of what they did in response to something very minor and that's why were using multiple detectives to this investigation."

The suspect fled north on Churn Creek Road. He's described as a white male adult wearing black cargo shorts, dark grey shirt and a black baseball cap. He is about 5-foot-10-inches tall with a stocky build. If you have any information concerning this incident contact Redding police.