Possible bill to expand the restrictions on open carry to long guns


SACRAMENTO - A bill was sent to Governor Brown's desk that could expand the restrictions on open carry laws to cover long guns and not just handguns.

Authored by Mike Gipson, AB 7 makes it a misdemeanor to openly carry long guns in a public place in areas where firing a gun is illegal.

Since 2012 carrying any handgun, loaded or not, has been banned in incorporated areas and in unincorporated areas where it's illegal to shoot. It is also illegal to open carry long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, in unincorporated areas.

The bill would not impact people's ability to hunt or target shoot in approved areas.

Gipson said the ban closes a "deadly loophole" which allows open carry in parts of places like Compton. He said, "This is a completely unacceptable loophole because the flaunting of assault weapons invites mayhem, confusion, and fear."

The bill passed the Assembly last week 43 to 32. Prior to that is passed the Senate 24 to 14.

The National Rifle Association spoke against the bill saying, "We are not aware of a person openly carrying an unloaded firearm in an unincorporated area being convicted of any crime between 2012 and now. With this being said, it is just another bill harassing law-abiding gun owners exercising their Second Amendment rights."

Governor Brown has until October 15 to act on the bill. To read the full bill click here.