Red Bluff man convicted of brutal murder

Christopher Hoagland

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Red Bluff man accused of stabbing this friend to death last year was found guilty of first degree murder Friday.

The incident happened June 27, 2013. Red Bluff police said 40-year-old Christopher Hoagland stabbed and killed Samuel Forseth. Police responded to Pinon Way after receiving a call from a neighbor.

Red Bluff police said Forseth's body was found on a neighbor's front porch with four stab wounds to the chest and his throat cut from ear-to-ear. Neighbors said that it was an altercation that led Hougland to stab Forseth.

On Friday forensic pathologist Dr. Harry Bonnell took the stand and said it was impossible for someone with those types of cuts to have been able to yell for help and even if he did it would have been hard to hear.

Dr. Bonnell also said that Forseth had less than two minutes after being stabbed before he became incapacitated.

The jury found Christopher Hoagland guilty of first degree murder and guilty on special allegations. Hougland faces a maximum sentence of 26 years to life in state prison. His sentencing will be held August 20.

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