Redding clinic offering alternative health coverage


REDDING, Calif. - Prestige Urgent Care in Redding offers medical care at the cost of membership, not insurance.

The west Redding clinic doesn't have patients, it has members. A membership provides unlimited access to everything they offer.

Think of it like a gym.

Membership for a single adult runs $79 a month, membership for a couple costs $109 a month and each additional child in the family is $19 a month.

Dr. Jon Osborne, one of the doctors who started it all, said it's working.

"Anything we do inside these four walls including: x-rays, EKGs, simple in-house labs, stitches, a shot of antibiotics, a shot of steroids, anything in the building is included in that membership at no charge," Osborne said.

No co-pays, no insurance, just a monthly membership.

Dr. Osborne and his partners wanted to try something different when they were faced with changes during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

"What we realized is when you take out the insurance middle man, you take out some parts of the government that I don't have to deal with anymore, and you look at how much you can save by running a practice, it's about forty cents on the dollar," Osborne said. "So on average, for every dollar you collect in primary care you spend 40 cents collecting it."

Members come from Shasta, Trinity and Tehama counties.

Marsha Flinn and her husband make the drive from Red Bluff.

"I've had an x-ray, I've had blood work, and we started in February," Flinn said. "It's just been wonderful. All of our medical needs have been addressed here."

Dr. Osborne recommended coupling a membership with a high deductible catastrophic insurance, and establishing a health savings account to use pretax dollars for prescriptions or other healthcare needs.

They opened four months ago and are currently more than three-quarters of the way to their goal of serving either 400 families or 1200 members.

Dr. Osborne said once the west Redding location is filled with members, they plan to open another clinic in east Redding and a third clinic in Cottonwood.

Prestige Urgent Care can still be used as a walk-in clinic. It costs non-members $95 to visit.

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