Redding eagles lay third egg

Photo courtesy: Friends of the Redding Eagles

REDDING, Calif. - The Redding eagles have laid another egg. The eagles live in a nest in a tree just off Hwy-44 in land owned by Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

This egg is the third for the pair of eagles named Spirit and Liberty.

The Friends of Redding Eagles say the third egg was laid just before 8:00a.m. They've been watching closely via webcam and were very excited to see the third egg produced by mother Liberty.

Experts say that it is a challenge to raise three chicks, but Liberty has done it twice before. A few years ago Liberty and her ex-partner Patriot raised three chicks before Patriot was killed by an intruding eagle last year.

The eagles have had good luck with raising their chicks because they've done well choosing a nesting site. The nest is very near the Sacramento River, which provides fish for the eagles and lots of ducks and coots for them to eat.

"Luckily we have a good food supply here in Redding," said eagle watcher Terri Lhuillier. "The nest is right in the middle of town here with the river and ponds nearby."

Lhuiller said that even though there are other birds and animals that would eat the chicks if given the chance, both Liberty and Spirit seem to be very attentive parents. She said the biggest danger is that Spirit and Liberty could not provide enough food for the chicks.

This year's drought could play a big role in the survival of the chicks. But so far it doesn't seem to have affected them too much.