Redding Men Win $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos

Nathan Schultz & Bart McCurdy

REDDING, Calif. - Two Redding men are celebrating after winning $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos. The appeared on the popular ABC show Sunday night and walked away with the big prize. Friends Bart McCurdy and Nathan Schultz received a package of gun parts in the mail and along with it an unwelcome stowaway, a nasty looking spider. The whole thing was captured on cell phone video. McCurdy was heard screaming as Schultz tried to catch the spider in a cup. Sunday's show was dedicated to members of the military. Host Tom Bergeron announced the men from Redding had won the vote of the audience.

"On a night we've been celebrating America's heroes, the cowards have won," said Bergeron. The show was taped a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. KRCR News Channel 7 spoke to McCurdy and Schultz about how the frightening experience happened.

McCurdy sheepishly admitted he did most of the screaming.

"You know, we were working on our guns and came across a little spider and screamed like a couple little girls," said McCurdy.

Schultz said, "He's a big man, and he screams better than a little girl."

McCurdy and Schultz were both flown down to Los Angeles as finalists for the $10,000 top prize.

Now they will battle it out for an even bigger prize – $100,000 that will be on May 12.