Redding veteran donates $10,000 to homeless


REDDING, Calif. - An army veteran in Redding gave $10,000 away to the homeless.

Earl Boek served in Vietnam. While deployed, he was poisoned with Agent Orange. The Department of Veterans Affairs gave Boek a considerable amount of money, and he decided to give some of that windfall to those who need it most.

"You can't take any of this with you when you go," said Boek.

Boek has $5,000 in cash and another $5,000 in gold and silver. Around noon on Thursday, Boek parked his car and announced to MarketStreet that he was handing out free $20 bills.

Almost 100 people took money from Boek. Each was incredibly thankful for the gift.

Some people said they would spend the money on clothes, others said presents for their children's Christmas.

Boek said he wants the public to realize that each homeless person has a story, and despite misconceptions, not all strugglewith addictions.

"People are more important and more valuable than things, than this money," said Boek.