Retired Northstate coaches aren't calling it quits


REDDING, Calif. - A group of retired Northstate high school coaches say they're "still in the game" and have formed a team to prove it.

They call themselves the Nor-Cal Retired Coaches Association and their motto, very fittingly, is actually "still in the game."

It's a true statement.

The group has been meeting at the Snack Shack on Eastside Road in south Redding on Wednesday mornings since last fall.

Lon McCasland from Shasta High, the president of the group, said that's where it all started.

"We just started out having breakfast, but then it just grew into let's do something if we can. I mean, we are still in the game. We don't want to just waste the rest of our lives sitting on the porch relaxing. We're not built for that, most of us are type A's, and we want to turn that into something productive," McCasland said.

They've helped the Salvation Army by ringing bells at Christmas time; they would like to help with other local events too.

The Nor Cal Retired Association's first big fundraiser will be a golf tournament in July. The goal is to help raise scholarship money for high school students to get to college.

The students have to be athletes, but not the star of the team.

Bob Johnson, another coach, said, "Well we've talked about looking at students that need that little extra to be able to go on to post secondary education, if they've participated in high school sports; that's going to be a criteria. We just want to be there to provide some scholarship funds for deserving high school students."

The coaches come from several different high schools: Shasta, Enterprise, Anderson, Central Valley. They're hoping to expand to other high schools in Shasta, Tehama, Trinity and Siskiyou counties.

They're designing a website which will be accessible soon.