REVOLT submits petitions contesting Turtle Bay sale


REDDING, Calif. - REVOLT turns in roughly 8,000 signatures in an effort to qualify for a referendum contesting the sale of 14 acres of land at Turtle Bay.

REVOLT, or Residents Entitled to Vote on Land Transaction, needed 4,700 valid signatures to get the referendum on the ballot.

The 8,000 signatures will need to be validated within 30 days before a spot on the ballot can be confirmed, but REVOLT Spokesman Tom Curato said he's not worried.

"We're very confident we'll get the numbers," Curato said. "We've been pre-validating on a database that we've purchased and we're very confident."

The issue is whether the City of Redding should sell the land at Turtle Bay to the McConnell foundation, a private third party.

Turtle Bay said the sale to a private third party means the Sheraton Hotel project will not be subject to prevailing wage, cutting $3 million dollars of fat and making the purchase affordable.

REVOLT, on the other hand, said the $600,000 price of purchase is not nearly enough, although it's well above the highest of three separate appraisals.

Turtle Bay CEO Mike Warren said it's not about the money, and if it does go to a vote in November, he believes most will be in favor of selling the property.

"We're very confident that once residents hear all the facts that they'll be supportive of Turtle Bay building a hotel to sustain itself," Warren said. "I mean that's what this whole thing has been about. It hasn't been an anti-union or even a prevailing wage issue, it's how can we build a hotel within our budge that will sustain Turtle Bay."

If the referendum does make it to the ballot this November, Turtle Bay will hire a Sacramento firm to run a counter-campaign.

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