Room remains in barrels as Stuff the Bus nears


REDDING, Calif. - Charitable giving: When others think less about themselves and more about others in need.

Signs of holiday cheer fill the Northstate air around this time. And to go with it, are donation barrels for Stuff the Bus. It's a small request for children's toys from the Salvation Army.

"We can see the love in this community by how many people just continue to pour forth in donating to other people in the community who are less fortunate," said Salvation Army Lieutenant Tim Danielson.

But in certain spots it's been hard to come by. The annual Stuff the Bus event has been ongoing for years. Thousands upon thousands of toys have been donated for kids to have a merry Christmas. Yet, at this time, so many donation barrels remain unfilled.

It's not for a lack of thought, at Roots Juice Bar on Churn Creek Road in Redding.

"There are just so many kids that are without, and it's important that everybody gets a chance to have a good Christmas," employee Ashley Rothmann said.

They might just be lacking in the execution.

"So far, unfortunately, we have not had a good response."

As Rothmann put it, promotion for customers to bring in toys has been limited.

But at an un-assuming spot, Shasta Vape in Palo Cedro, general manager John McGuan realizes the importance of personal touch. He's brought in the Angel Tree with tags for gift ideas.

"The angel tags just make you want to cry," McGuan said. "It has a kid's name on there, you can tell how you're helping them, and you feel personally a lot more attached than to just the bin. It really brings a personal touch to it."

He and his customers have been in a giving mood. It's become hard to say no.

"[Customers] call ahead and put in a juice order, and then they go, 'oh! You have that going too? Okay! Tell me what to get!' And it's perfect."

A perfect way to spread holiday cheer, with plenty of space left for giving.

You can find information about Stuff the Bus and donation locations on our website.

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