Sevenly founder passes on business advice to Northstate entrepreneurs


REDDING, Calif. - Northstate entrepreneurs gathered at The Stirring, Friday night to hear from a nationally recognized small business owner. Dale Partridge founded clothing company, Sevenly. The company has been profiled by several national publications, including Forbes Magazine.

Sevenly donates $7 of every item sold to a new charity, every week. "To date, we've donated more than $3.2 million to charities," Partridge said. The 28-year-old wasn't always so giving. He used to sell fake identification cards and drugs in Orange County, California. "I had a crash moment in my life. I really wanted to take everything I'd done that was bad and flip it into doing something that was good," Partridge said. Andy Pierce was one entrepreneur to attend Friday night's seminar. Pierce said he's starting a non-profit to help farmers obtain clean water in developing countries. "A lot of the challenges in the non-profit sector are similar in the profit sector and I think probably the biggest thing I took away is the importance of truth in what you're doing," Pierce said. Partridge said his main message was for business owners to value people over profits. "Sure, we need to be profitable to run our companies as well, but I'm trying to urge people and lead people for valuing each other ... It's people that make a difference," said Partridge. Friday night's event was hosted by Shasta EDC and Shasta College.