Sexual predator nabbed by online undercover investigator


REDDING, Calif. - Recently unsealed federal court documents reveal a Modoc County man's arrest by Homeland Security investigators for making and distributing child porn.

The criminal complaint against 47-year-old Michael Elliot Papac details how an undercover investigator befriended Papac on an online picture sharing site – and learned plans Papac had to ramp up his sexual photo taking sessions with a 7-year-old girl he knew.

The documents show Papac uploaded more than 60 pictures of the little girl sleeping on the couch in a trailer in Alturas. The girl would go visit and stay with her grandparent there once a month.

The federal complaint states photos of the girl shows her wearing pajamas, some with her top unbuttoned in a sexual nature.

Once Papac uploaded those photos, the undercover investigator began chatting with him via email. In those explicit conversations, Papac tells the undercover investigator he plans to take much better pictures of the little girl, and even plans on making a video the next time she stays over.

He goes on to say next time he will be "giving her something to help her sleep" and admits to using "adult nighttime cold medicine" to get her to stay asleep. Papac continues by saying he "would love to slip her a micky" or something much stronger and more dangerous.

Evidence in hand, Homeland Security investigators along with the assistance of Modoc County Sheriff's deputies, arrested Papac on charges of receipt and distribution of child pornography.

Investigators also seized a laptop, cell phone and two tablets Papac had in his possession. On those items, more photos were found of other young girls in sexual positions sent via email from other online predators.

Prior to this incident, Papac had a past conviction for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 years old. Under his release requirements, Papac was not allowed to have contact with minor female children.

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