Simpson University Offering to Rent a Student


REDDING,Calif - Students at Simpson are offering their services to those who need it. The program is called "Rent A Student".

There are 16 teams and a total of 110 students who are looking for work to serve the community. The teams are going to different parts of the country and serving in different ministries, from teaching English to service projects.

Lana Kurian is one of those students and she says she loves helping people.

"If we don't have a heart for our community, I don't know how we can have a heart for the world," said Kurian.

Student Daniel Dixon agrees; he is going to Mongolia.

"We don't want to forget about Redding, We want to love the people here so "Rent a Team" is a great way for us to get overseas but at the same time impact Redding," Dixon said.

After the students complete their service they will accept a reasonable donation. All the proceeds go toward funding service trips around the world.

If you would like to rent a student click on the Fact File section of our website for more information.