Tehama County hires 2 new deputies to combat illegal marijuana


RED BLUFF, Calif. - Extra help is on the way for the Tehama County Sheriff's Office. They will soon be adding two full time positions to combat code violations related to medical marijuana grows as well as crime from illegal operations.

Tehama County Sheriff Dave Hencratt said this has been in the works for about a year and he's happy the Tehama County Board of Supervisors authorized the positions.

Sheriff Hencratt said it's all about making sure county ordinances are being followed.

He also said his deputies are too busy with day to day calls to target the marijuana growth problem 100 percent.

"Our folks also have their regular duties that are assigned to them, calls for service for anything from littering, burglaries to all major crimes," Hencratt said.

Sheriff Hencratt said it's all in the Tehama County code chapter 9.06, which lays out all the rules for growers in Tehama County. It instructs growers to not grow more than 12 plants on their property, as well as where to grow it.

Sheriff Hencratt said many decide to break the law which ends up affecting legal growers.

One of those problems is affecting Tehama County water.

"You know the herbicides and pesticides and fertilizers that go down stream and into our water table," said Sheriff Hencratt.

Now with the addition of a full time sheriff's deputy and a full time code enforcement officer, Hencratt hopes to stop illegal marijuana grows and work to maintain the quality of Tehama County's water.

"Wells are being stressed, the water tables are definitely dropping and so its kind of a complete package of issues with cultivation of marijuana," said Sheriff Hencratt.

An exact date has not been set for when these positions will be filled. But the sheriff said he hopes it's as soon as possible.