The do's and don'ts of Easter


ANDERSON, Calif. - Easter is a time to spend with family and enjoy Easter egg hunts and spring flowers. But if you're a pet owner you might want to think twice about what type of flowers you leave around your pets.

Haven Humane said the Easter lily is extremely dangerous especially for your feline friends.

Every type of lily is poisonous for a cat. If a cat was to lick a few leaves or lick a few pollen grains, the cat can suffer acute kidney failure. Symptoms include vomiting and an inability to urinate. If left untreated the cat could die.

Haven Humane also wants to remind people to not give out bunnies or chicks as pets.

"An Easter bunny, bunnies are at least a ten year commitment you have to be sure you're planning on keeping this pet for a longer amount of time than just for the holiday season," said Capt. Leanne Smith, with Haven Humane. "Chicks grow up to be chickens or roosters so please keep that in mind."

Haven Humane said every Easter they deal with people returning bunnies after they've been given as gifts.