Thousands support teen's recovery from motorcycle accident


CHICO, Calif. - Thousands of people have joined a social media campaign to reach out to a Chico teen who suffered traumatic brain injuries in a motorcycle accident.

18-year-old Hunter Openshaw crashed on a motocross track in Oroville last Wednesday and was airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center, but the family said his recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Hunter's mom, Mollie Openshaw, said Tuesday he's moving, talking and breathing on his own, something the doctors said might never happen.

She said doctors removed part of Hunter's skull last week to reduce the swelling of his brain. Hunter was riding his motorcycle with his friends at the Cycleland Speedway when he crashed on a jump and had his right eye crushed by the handle bar. A Facebook page was started to update everyone on Hunter's condition called "Prayers for Hunter."

"Social media boggles my brain," said Mollie Openshaw. "Hunter knows he's covered in prayer and we all recognizing this as a just an amazing set of miracles every step of the way."

Hunter's story has reached more than 60,000 people and get well messages are pouring in.

Mollie Openshaw said her son's road to recovery will be a long one. Hunter will have another surgery this week to repair his eye socket.