Top Two Primary offers new look in Tuesday election


Californians head to the polls Tuesday for the primary election. Several high-profile races will be on the ballot including governor. Locally in most counties there are races for district attorney, sheriff and supervisor. The polls open at 7 a.m. and will be open until 8 p.m. New this year, the ballot may look a little different than the last election for governor. For the first time, the governor's race and other major state offices will use the Top Two primary..

This system means that the top two candidates, regardless of political party, will advance to the general election in November. The ballots won't be broken up by party, so you can vote for anyone on the ballot.

Only three states currently use this system, Washington, Louisiana, and California. The system was approved by voters in 2010-- then tested in 2012. KRCR News Channel 7 will have team coverage. Jennifer Scarborough and Mike Mangas will bring you the election results in a Election Edition of of KRCR News Channel 7 at 10 on Fox 20 and on KRCR News Channel 7 at 11.

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