Traveling volunteers help local community


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. - How great would it be to have a group of traveling people come to town and spruce-up your community?

Well, look no further than one group of nomadic helpers. They call themselves, volunteers on wheels.

Founder, Steven Boutwell, said, "Volunteers on Wheels is basically a traveling group of non-profit volunteers, who go from town to town just helping out other non-profits and anybody really who needs care."

These nomadic do-gooders hail from all over the globe.

"We've had members from Florida, North Dakota, Texas, California, Alabama, we're had members from France, Argentina, United Kingdom, Canada, they found us on the internet and they come from all across the world," said Boutwell.

This time, it was the community garden at the Del-Norte Community Health Center who got a helping hand from these volunteers.

Jane Moran, the garden coordinator for the Del-Norte Community Health Center, said, "they are here for two days and they're doing all of this work that would've taken me the rest of this year, so I'm glad to have them, for sure."

And the work of these volunteers doesn't stop in Crescent City. The group's plan is to continue driving down the California coast to help those who need it most.

Christina Colemane has been volunteering for almost two weeks. She said, "I've been homeless before and you know people have gave to me and helped me out and just like Huck said before, it's good to give back, you know, you just can't keep receiving you've got to give too."

Living this lifestyle, the group has to rely on the communities they help.

"Everything is from the generosity of the community that we work for, when they see us out here volunteering, they come up to the bus with a bag of groceries or a bag of dog food or a gift card for fuel," said Boutwell.

You can visit their page to find out when this group of 10 people, two dogs, and a cat will be volunteering in a town near you.