Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse slipping away

TRINIDAD, Calif. - The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, where locals pay their respects to those lost at sea, may soon be a memory itself.

A report by a group of engineers, hired by Trinidad City Manager, Dan Berman, states the foundation of the lighthouse is slipping into the ocean. Berman said,"They don't recommend leaving it through another winter."

The recent wet winters on the North Coast saturated the soil, causing land movement throughout the coastline.

Berman said, "There's landslides happening all along, we've had less of that out here, on the coast at Trinidad, but it's certainly part of the process here."

SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologist prepared the report for the city. In the "Site Observation and Interpretations" section of the report, they stated,"Rainfall totals during 2016/2017, however, were well above historical average; rainfall has likely contributed significantly to the increased rate of slope movements observed at the site."

Berman said he will take the findings to FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services for possible funding and assessment.

He said, "We've been trying to figure out if whether it really needs to or not, and in this report at least, the geologist are saying, yes it does."

Berman said it's too early to say if the final decision will be to move the lighthouse, however, cracks are already showing on the repairs they've done after the rain.

Berman said, "To do a repair on soil that is already in motion, down hill, I mean Caltrans does amazing things to keep our roads open."

The Trinidad City Council will be discussing the report in this week's meeting on July 26.