Triple digits persist, pets face heat-related danger


REDDING, Calif. - Summer can be dangerous for our four-legged friends, which is why the ResQ Animal Coalition is reminding everyone to make sure that their pets are safe.

One tip - never leave your pets in a car. Joanna Roe, the Adoption Facilitator for ResQ Animal Coalition said this happens too often.

"A couple of minutes can cause brain damage heat stroke, heat exhaustion," said Roe. She said leaving them outside in the heat isn't an option either.

"If you cannot walk outside barefoot yourself or you cannot stand to reach down and touch the cement with your bare hand your dogs should probably not be out walking in it," Roe said.

Another reminder keep is to make sure you keep your pooch inside for the 4th of July, since fireworks can scare them. Roe said to turn up the radio or TV to drown out the noise.

"People take their dogs out and they run on the streets and get picked up by shelters it's just awful," she said.