Turtle Bay Fitness Day


REDDING, Calif. - Turtle Bay School Students got their workout in on Friday. The school held its first ever Fitness Day, by participating in a plank-off. Students, staff and even a couple of Redding police officers got together to get their planking skills moving.

The idea came from Turtle Bay School's principal, Linda Lawhon who said she wanted to emphasize how being active is very important.

"No matter what age you are, you wanna be healthy and strong," said Lawhon.

Lawhon said students have been practicing for weeks.

Seven year old Vance Albonico is a student at the school and his best time was 14 minutes. He said there is really no trick for holding it that long. You just have to hold it.

"Stay like this for a couple of seconds and then close back in a tiny bit and then open up a couple of seconds," said Albonico.

Students also said that healthy eating helps with holding planks longer and emphasized on the importance of staying away from fast food.

"It's very bad for you cause it just makes you really fat," said 9-year-old Nico Paris. And one after the other competitors gave in, including both Redding officers.

"I really did not think that I would beat either one of them because they do physical exercise all the time so I know they're strong," said Lawhon.

"She beat both of us and I did not expect that but to our defense we are carrying a belt that's approximately 20 to 30 pounds more," said Officer Llamas.

For those students who might not be physically active and prefer staying indoors playing video games, 9-year-old Nico Paris had some good advice.

"Have your parents set a time for you to play video games for like maybe 15 minutes and then right after that go outside and get active," said Paris.

The winner of the plank-off was 7-year-old Vance . He held his plank for 20 minutes.