Turtle Bay land decision will go to voters


REDDING, Calif. - The Redding City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to put the referendum on the November ballot.

The city clerk presented the certified results for REVOLT's (Residents Entitled to Vote on Land Transaction) referendum petition contesting the sale of 14 acres of land at Turtle Bay to the McConnell Foundation for a hotel project. Back in March, the city council agreed to sell the land for $600,000. Despite several appraisals, REVOLT felt that wasn't a fair price. The group got more than the 4,700 valid signatures needed to fight the sale.

On Tuesday evening, the city council had several options. They could have adopted a resolution to repeal their decision to sell the land or call for a special election. However, they voted to put it on the November ballot.

The group REVIVE(Redding Empowered to Vote for Increased Visitors and Employment), that opposes REVOLT's mission, said they are happy the referendum is on the ballot. Their leader, Rocky Slaughter, said they now have about six months to make sure it gets passed by voters.

Council member Gary Cadd wanted to change the wording of the referendum, but the council voted to keep it as is. There was also discussion during public comment that the city's attorney, Rick Duvernay, was not impartial and shouldn't write the referendum. However, Duvernay addressed this concern saying his role as city attorney as established by law requires him to write text for all referendums and he has tried to do this as objectively as possible.