Turtle Bay petition lumped among other issues


REDDING, Calif. - Turtle Bay supporters are upset after seeing signature gatherers lump the proposal to block the sale of Turtle Bay land along with other state initiatives.

The petition is for those who want to either repeal the Redding City Council's decision to sell 14 acres at Turtle Bay to the McConnell Foundation for $600,000 or put it to a vote in November.

The problem is, they're petitioning alongside other hot-button issues.

Paid signature gatherers and independent contractors were at the front of Raley's on Lake Boulevard asking shoppers to sign a wide range of petitions including: AB 109 eligible inmates in prison, splitting California into six states, stopping elder abuse and stopping the City of Redding from selling land to the McConnell Foundation.

The signs on the table made no mention of the issues, although pictures taken there Saturday showed a Turtle Bay sign included among the state issues.

City Councilwoman Missy McArthur is one of the three out of five council members who voted in favor of the sale, which would exempt the 130 room Sheraton Hotel Project at Turtle Bay from paying prevailing wage to workers.

McArthur said she's taking it personally.

"For me, it seems like the out of town thugs are trying to say that Turtle Bay is equal to child molestation, which is just so far from the truth," McArthur said. "They're trying to paint our city in just a terrible light, so it's a slap at our town and I very much resent the implication of having the signs together."

Tom Curato, a spokesman for REVOLT or Residents Excited To Vote On Land Transaction said the Turtle Bay petition is just one of several; there was no offense or confusion intended.

"Well there are petition gatherers out in the community, and they have several different petitions that they are gathering signatures for. One of which is ours, and those petitions are not related to one another. Ours just happens to be one of the few that they're gathering," McArthur said.

REVOLT has to collect about 4,700 valid signatures by April 4 to get the referendum on the November ballot.