'Ring leader of Jackson 5' pleads guilty to cannabis crime spree


UKIAH, Calif. - A Ukiah man, who has been the recent focus of an intensive manhunt, pleaded guilty in court to a felony crime spree on Wednesday. According to the Mendocino County District Attorney (MCDA), 34-year-old Trevor Michael Jackson "threw in the towel," taking a settlement offer that would have expired at the end of the day. Jackson, who the MCDA refers to as a "county-wide marijuana thief," pleaded guilty before Mendocino County Superior Court Judge John Behnke to a series of felony crimes that included; burglary in the second degree, kidnapping and robbery in concert while armed with an assault weapon and vehicle theft. The County District Attorney said the charges stem from Jackson's involvement in the burglary of a structure to steal marijuana, attempting to steal marijuana and stealing a vehicle to escape law enforcement. The crimes were committed from March 2016 to August 2017. As part of the negotiated pleas, the defendant is required to serve 85 percent of the decided state prison sentence of 25 years, the DA said.

The other four members of the group were in court Thursday morning, the day after Jackson's hearing. They received lesser sentences than Jackson. "Being returned to prison should not be too great of a lifestyle shock for this defendant," the DA said in a press release, adding that this will be the fourth time Jackson has been committed to state prison. Jackson is scheduled to be back in court on Nov. 27 for formal imposition of the agreed-upon 25 year sentence, the MCDA said. Officials said the hearing will be open to the public.

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