Whooping cough cases on the rise


CHICO, Calif. - The number of Pertussis cases, also known as whooping cough, is up in Butte County. There were 29 reports in 2013, and all of them in the Chico area. The most cases of whooping cough that Butte County has ever seen was in 2010 when 32 cases were reported in the entire year. Most of the cases have been reported at Chico elementary schools. The epidemic started around Halloween where the first case was reported at Citrus Avenue Elementary. We got the facts on how many children were impacted. There were: nine at Citrus Avenue Elementary, three at Rosedale Elementary, two children at Chapman Elementary, and one at Chico Jr. High. "It's a bad cough," said Dr. Mark Lundberg, health officer of Butte County. "This is a cough we call fits of coughing where you cough repeatedly. That's where it gets its name with young children because kids will have a tough time catching their breaths were they cough, cough and cough." Dr. Lundberg also said that adults working with children at the schools were also infected. He advises anyone if they have infants to get a vaccination or if you're pregnant, you should be vaccinated as well. Experts said if you have a cough, it doesn't mean you have whooping cough. The symptoms are a runny nose, sneezing, a fever and trouble breathing.