Witness: Domestic violence led to Happy Valley shooting


HAPPY VALLEY, Calif. - The incident started just before 7 p.m. Sunday when Shasta County Sheriff's deputies responded to a shooting on the 16000 block of Emmet Lane in Happy Valley.

At the scene, a helicopter circled above while multiple deputies along with a K-9 unit quickly located and arrested the suspect, 25-year-old Dylan Lawrence, near his home on the typically quiet street.

Lawrence was taken into custody after allegedly shooting his neighbor, 29-year-old Paul Corona, in the knee. Corona was quickly rushed to the hospital and treated for the non life-threatening injury.

According to witnesses, it all started during a domestic violence dispute between Lawrence and his girlfriend.

On Monday, Corona's young daughter, Melody, said she, her sister and several friends who were over, came across the pair fighting outside.

"She said ‘Thank god you guys came, he was hurting me. And look at my arm, he was pushing me down to the ground," 11-year-old Melody said.

The girlfriend, with her 4-year-old daughter in-tow, followed the girls to the Corona home seeking refuge.

At that point, Melody said Lawrence grabbed a gun and she heard him fire six shots in his own backyard.

"I think he was trying to tell her he was on his way over," she said.

Lawrence soon arrived at the Corona's, where Paul asked him to leave.

Instead, Melody says Lawrence turned and threatened her father's life.

"He said 'Do you like breathing?' and put the gun up to his face."

At that point, the girls quickly escaped the situation.

"I ran. I didn't want to see any more," Melody said.

Her younger sister, Mary Jaine, echoed that statement.

"I didn't want to see my dad suffer," she said.

Moments after the girls fled the situation, Lawrence allegedly pistol whipped Corona in the head. Doctors used four staples to close the gash that remained.

And after a short struggle Lawrence allegedly gained control and was able to open fire at Corona, who was missed by two bullets with a third striking his knee.

Corona's wife, Katie said her husband became trapped in a situation he felt like he couldn't avoid.

"What are you supposed to do? Are you supposed to say 'Sorry, I can't help you' or do what you can to help? He couldn't ignore it," Katie Corona said.

Paul Corona underwent surgery Monday afternoon. Surgeons worked to repair a severed artery and shattered femur.

As for Dylan Lawrence, he faces charges of attempted murder.

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