Booze, dollars flow into Bidwell Golf Course


CHICO, Calif. - Alcohol is now permitted on the Bidwell Golf Course for the first time. The new policy is being met with with approval, even by those golfers who don't like beer all that much.

"I play golf at different courses all over the country," said Skip Reager, a local amateur. "This was the only course that did not have beer."

Besides beer, Vodka is being shipped in too, Bloody Marys will be served as well. A can of beer costs $3, but it's 75 cents more for a can of Sierra Nevada. A Bloody Mary costs $5. It's estimated that the golf course will bring in about $377,000 per year on alcohol sales. That money will go back into the golf course for capital improvements. "There will be some structural improvements to make the course better than it is," said Courtney Foster, the general manager of the course. "It will improve the city's asset and improve the look of the park."

One of the first improvement will be a new bar in the dining room which should be up and running in approximately three months.