BUSTED: Two suspects caught on camera stealing


CHICO, Calif. - A Chico man caught on camera in what appears to be two men stealing equipment from his neighbor's truck.

His neighbor was able to get his stereo equipment back, but the thieves took off running.

Matt Derrick was satisfied that he was able to catch these thieves in the act.

"You can see him walking up and getting a good view on the suspect," Derrick said.

What the thieves didn't know is that a camera is watching their every move. After looking through his cars - the suspects then make their way next door where they open a car belonging to Derrick's neighbor and steal equipment out of the back seat.

Then Derrick's neighbor is coming after the thieves.

"Criminals usually hit twice, well across the street where they originally drove down before hitting us up that person was ripped off three weeks ago," Derrick said.

Derrick said that he would like his neighbors to follow his example and invest in security cameras.

"If any neighbor around me wants to get purchase a set of security cameras. I would be happy to help them out," Derrick said.

Derrick said his neighbor did file a police report.

Chico police need your help. If you have any additional information you're asked to give them a call at 530-897-4911.