Butte County agriculture production down from previous year


OROVILLE, Calif. - Butte County's gross value for agricultural production in 2016 was $705,211,786, representing a decrease of nearly 9 percent from the previous year ($772,639,884).

Walnuts continued to be the number one crop that generated over $234 million in gross value.

Almonds remained as the number two crop at $188 million. Rice remained the number three crop in the county at almost $123 million. Prunes remained number four at $31 million.

"Butte County farmers realized lower overall prices for their crops in 2016 compared to previous year's values," said Butte County Agriculture Commissioner Louie Mendoza. He added agriculture remains the number one industry in Butte County.

Mendoza estimates that agriculture accounts for about one in five jobs in the area.

He said that a changing national economy played a large part in the gross value for agricultural production in Butte County.

"A lot of it is supply and demand and the strength of the dollar," Mendoza said. "When the dollar was weaker, the export markets were more available. When you have a stronger dollar those countries don't tend to import more agricultural products."

You can read the full report here.

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