Butte County Supervisor assists in arrest


CHICO, Calif. - Butte County Supervisor Larry Wahl assisted the Butte County Sheriff's Office in arresting a man for drug possession and attempted illegal dumping.

Supervisor Wahl was meeting with people near Old Humboldt Road in Chico at approximately 9:45 Tuesday morning, listening to concerns about rock walls and landscaping.

Deputies said while he was there, a concerned citizen told him they saw a man who looked like he was going to dump an old refrigerator and other appliances in an illegal area.

Supervisor Wahl alerted deputies, who responded to the area and located James Halstead, who had not yet dumped any of his appliances.

Deputies said they found him in possession of drugs and that he was arrested.

They added that the area is prone to illegal dumping, and thanked Supervisor Wahl for alerting them and keeping it from happening.

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